13 Early Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer You Can’t Afford To Ignore 2018


13 Early Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer

signs of breast cancer


Do you know in 2018, there will be an estimated 1,735,350 new cancer cases diagnosed and 609,640 cancer deaths in the United States? Today is the best to know signs of breast cancer in due time.

Breast cancer is ranked as one of the most common and prevalent health disease in the world. Whilst breast cancer affects both men and women (categorized as chest cancer in men) – it is far more common in women than in men. According to recent stats, every 8 out of 10 women and 1 out of 15 men are affected by this life-threatening health problem.

Common Causes of Breast Cancer

The exact causes of breast cancer are yet unknown. However, there are enough scientific evidences that suggest some factors to be possible causal factors of breast cancer in women.

  • Age

The most common cause thought to result in breast cancer in age. Women aged over 50 years (post-menopause) are at increased exposed risk of breast cancer.

  • Family History

Breast cancer is thought to be genetic and runs in the family. Genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 can pass from generation to generation. These genes contribute in development of breast cancer as well as ovarian cancer.

  • Thick Breast Tissues

The breasts of women are made of miniature lobules in the mammary glands that produce milk. Some women have thicker tissues because of larger number of lobules. Such women are at higher risk of developing the disease.

13 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer like any other form of cancer is the abnormal production of cancer cells in the breast region. In early stage breast cancer, regular screening can detect abnormal cell production and help in timely treatment of cancer. It is important to remember that breast cancer is life-threatening and in worst form, fatal too. It claims thousands of lives every year. Early diagnosis can help in timely treatment and boost chances of survival.

1. Change in Breast Shape

change in breast shape

Breast shapes are a sign of beauty in women. If the shape of the breasts begins to change, this can be very concerning for women and it is not possible to go unnoticed too. An abrupt change in the breast shape is of course a predictor and early warning sign of breast cancer.

2. Change in Breast Size

change in breast size

The only times when a breast size changes is either when you are pregnant, losing weight, breastfeeding or developing from a teenager to a woman (post onset of menstrual cycle). The abrupt change in breast size is a very concerning thing. The breast size is another thing that is adversely affected by breast cancer. Women who have bigger breasts might notice that their breasts are suddenly becoming either bigger than before or shrinking in size and vice versa. One breast can also deflate and become smaller or bigger whilst the other one remains perfectly fine. The shift in breast size is alarming and needs immediate medical attention from doctors.

3. Swelling


Swelling is a very common symptom of breast cancer. It is in fact one of the early most signs that are associated with breast cancer. The most common areas that will be affected by swelling are in fact the armpits, collarbones, breasts itself and in worst cases, neck as well. Breast swelling is not very common whilst swelling in other parts of the body is common and frequent occurring. The breasts will become swelled up when the breast cancer is in acute condition. The swelling will often also be accompanied with severe pains. Swelling in breast cancer patients can also mean that the patient has developed an unlikely infection which only makes the condition even worse.

4. Change of Skin Texture

change of skin texture

The texture of breasts is the smoothest and softest amongst all body parts. The skin is very thin, delicate and soft – it is evidently different from all other body parts. If the skin on the breasts becomes to get coarse, rough or patchy and the skin texture begins to change – in a bad way – this can only mean one thing and that is the development of breast cancer in women. The change in skin texture also involves the change in skin color of the breasts and this cannot go unnoticed.

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5. Discharge from Nipples

discharge from nipples

A very common and rather obvious warning sign of breast cancer is discharge or leakage from the nipples. The nipples do not discharge or leak on any occasion or stage in life. The only thing that comes out of the breasts through the nipples is milk and that also occurs after pregnancy, mostly. If a woman is likely to experience discharge that is either mucous or blood – it only means one thing and that is breast cancer. Discharge from nipples is an early sign of breast cancer and calls for immediate action. Nipple discharge is often indication to the fact that breast cancer is benign and not malignant.

6. Persistent Coughing


Coughing is not an immediate or early warning sign of breast cancer. However, once the cancer advances and the cancer cells begin to make their way into the lungs it will lead to chronic coughing, chest infection and shortness of breath. It is very unlikely to create a connection between breast cancer and coughing. Unfortunately, coughing is an indication of breast cancer when the cancer accelerates and makes its way into the chest and lungs.

7. Change in Nipple Shape

change in nipple shape

The nipples are one thing that will be distorted and the shapes/appearance of them will be heavily messed with for women who are suffering from breast cancer. Nipple shape is usually tiny, mostly round and erect. The colors of nipples are mostly light pink, dark pink and brown. Women who have developed breast cancer complain of their nipple shape being badly distorted and changed. The nipple shape becomes deflated, loses it shapes and become discolored as well. The areola i.e. the area surrounding the nipple also become very dark.

8. Appearance of New Moles On Breast/Armpits/Upper Chest

new body mole

Moles is in no way a direct predictor of breast cancer. However, it is important to remember that the appearance of new moles that appear on the body and are unexplained are indication of breast cancer. Studies reveal that a person who has more than 20 moles is at an increased risk to develop cancer of any form. Women with more than 50 moles on their breasts, armpits and upper chest area are 3 x more at risk of breast cancer.

9. Constant Feeling of Fatigue

feeling of fatigue

Feelings of fatigue is a common symptom of breast cancer. Ironically, fatigue and exhaustion is not only associated with breast cancer but is a common symptom of all forms of cancer. Fatigue is a common sign that suggest the onset of breast cancer in women and is one of the earliest signs to appear as well. Physical tiredness will only increase as time passes by and will also be prominent during the entire treatment process. Feeling tired as a result of the physical strain and pressure on the body that cancer inflicts is common and understandable as well.

10. Back Pain


Back pain is not one of the most common symptoms of breast cancer and you might not guess to be suffering from breast cancer if you have back pain too. It is almost like jumping to the worst conclusions and of course, you wouldn’t want to do that. In any case, pain in the back not only suggests that you have breast cancer but also indicates that the breast cancer has become metastatic and spread from the breast to other parts of the body.

11. Irregular Menstrual Cycle

irregular menstrual cycle

The most common age for the onset of breast cancer is after 50 years. This is most likely when the periods have stopped altogether and women experience menopause. However, if women develop breast cancer before the age of 50 years and when they do have their regular menstrual cycle – breast cancer can mess with their period cycle. Your periods will become irregular when the hormone levels become imbalanced inside the body.

12. Sudden Weight Loss

sudden weight loss

Weight loss is experienced by cancer patients for sure at some point of the disease. Sudden weight loss is also associated with breast cancer. Weight loss is unexplained because it seems to happen for new obvious reason. Stage four is the most advanced form of breast cancer. Weight loss is not an early warning sign but in fact appears during the fourth advanced stage of breast cancer.

13. Digestive Issues

digestive issues

In advanced stages, breast cancer will impair your digestive system. It will mess and interfere with all important functions of the digestive system. Women suffering from later stages of breast cancer will complain of constipation, indigestion, vomiting and acidic flux inside the stomach. Women suffering from breast cancer will also complain of severe cramping in the lower parts of the stomach. The cramps are much similar to menstrual cramps in women. In addition to signs of breast cancer, digestive problems are also a side effect of cancer treatment in patients. The digestive issues will be persistent and long-lasting.

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